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In addition to the most common treatment of tooth decay, dentistry also deals with other abnormalities located throughout the oral cavity. When problems involve the gums or mucous membranes, it is a good idea to seek dental, or more specifically periodontal, advice.

It is a separate field of dentistry that focuses on the soft tissues located in close proximity to the teeth. Diseases of the mucous membranes can manifest as pain, change in the color of the gums, bleeding, and, in an advanced stage, increased tooth mobility. Also, any unusual changes such as blisters or nodules appearing in the oral cavity should prompt a visit to a periodontist.

During such a visit, the doctor takes a thorough history with the patient, as many of the diseases manifested in the oral cavity can develop from general disease. After a detailed discussion with the patient, each lesion is thoroughly diagnosed, and the patient is given recommendations for home management, hygiene recommendations, necessary medications and a plan for further in-office therapy, which may include non-surgical treatment and, in more advanced cases, surgery. In more complex conditions, the periodontist works closely with an orthodontist, surgeon or restorative dentist so that the patient can take comprehensive care of his or her smile.

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