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loss of dental hard tissues due to untreated bruxism as a result of disordered short-circuiting, tooth discoloration, underdevelopment of the nasolabial segment, drooping of the corners of the mouth (aged appearance).

The original shape and color of all teeth were restored, as well as the correct interarch contacts. Correction of the gingival garland was performed.

After the procedures, the patient achieved a rejuvenated facial appearance.


Significant tissue loss leading to a major malocclusion (anterior anterior overbite, left lateral crossbite).

With the use of ceramic restorations, the correct shape was restored, inter-arch contacts (elimination of malocclusion), rejuvenated appearance.

Color matched, at the patient’s request, to the original color of the patient’s own teeth.


As a result of significant tooth wear, visible distortion of facial features (understatement of the naso-chin segment), the formation of a secondary malocclusion (vertical overbite in the anterior segment). Restoration with ceramic crowns and inlays was performed, the gingival garland was aligned. At the patient’s request, the color was changed to a much lighter color.


Patient with severe atrophy of the maxillary alveolar process. Reconstruction of the upper arch with a ceramic bridge on implants.


Correction of underdeveloped teeth using four composite veneers.


Replacement of unsatisfactory composite restorations with ceramic crowns. The patient was expecting a restoration in bleaching white.


Correction of the shape and color of the tooth – upper left one and correction of the shape – upper right one.